With immense Love and Gratitude, we present the complete Astrological Daily Planner for 2020, now available for purchase & download, paired with a celebratory special offer of a 20% discount on the first 20 copies sold!


This Astrological Diary/Planner/Agenda is the result of 15 years of personal studies and evaluation of each day's energy according to the events occurring on each unique day.

For years and years I’ve registered my own personal diary with all of the collected data; analysing and recording the daily events corresponding with the Numerology of each specific day, the Moon Phases and later on the Mayan Astrology signs and Galactic Activation Portals. Conducting in depth research and of course, reaching my own conclusions based off of my observations and knowledge.

With the passing of the years I felt that this study was so powerfully accurate that I must share it with the world, as I've found it so preciously useful in my day to day life.
In 2016, I began researching online and found that something of this magnitude; A Planner/Diary/Agenda including all aspects and explanations of the daily and monthly Moon Phases, Numerology, Mayan Astrology, Eclipses and Western Astrology Transit, had yet to be created.

And so I knew that it was both my obligation and absolute honour to do so.

The 2020 Astrological Daily Planner is a unique and comprehensive guide to an entire year of Universal energy. You can use this planner to align with your cosmic potential, attune to the energy of each day, and validate your intuitive experiences. This planner is a comprehensive guide to Moon Phases, planetary placements in Western Astrology, Mayan Astrology, and Numerology.

Every day includes an energy wrap-up that can be used for making plans such as: conducting business, socializing, being creative, following intuition, physical exercise, travel, learning something new, self-exploration, chill days, complicated days and more. This planner is suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced astrologers and even those without any astrological experience. Anyone with an interest in the moon and natural cycles can benefit from using the 2020 Astrological Daily Planner.

If you would like to purchase and download your very own copy, please send an email to soniaindigoinfo@protonmail.com

I consider this complete work most precious for planning both my personal and professional life and truly hope you do so too.
May this Planner support you in your most elevated purposes and be for your highest good and the highest good of all the beings involved.


With love,
Sonia Indigo



2020 Astrological Daily Planner

  • Your daily tool and pathway to align with your cosmic potential, attune to the energy of each day, and validate your intuitive experiences.

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